Who We Are

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs (TKBGC) is a leading provider of quality before and after-school programs that contribute significantly to the healthy physical, educational and social development of young people growing up in downtown Toronto. The Club services over 1300 members annually and is part of a collective of Clubs across Ontario, that assist more than 110,000 children, youth and their families.

What We Do
TKBGC has more than 95 yrs. of experience providing high-quality before and after school programs that help children and youth to overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

TKBGC is Present in All Stages of a Child’s Life
Through our comprehensive programs -- including before and after school programs for children aged 6-12, and evening youth programs and initiatives for youth 13-24– TKBGC is present in all stages of a young person’s life, and provides critical support to families during all key development periods.

Our “whole child, life cycle” approach means that many young people establish life-long connections to the Club, and achieve their full potential, and successful life outcomes, as a result.

TKBGC Provides High-Quality Before and After School Programs
Clubs’ comprehensive programs, tailored to meet the needs of the local community and community partners with whom we work, put a strong focus on physical recreation, nutrition and learning, but also include: early learning, school readiness, homework help and academic support, post-secondary scholarships, arts and culture, youth leadership, skills development, career planning and more.

Clubs’ high-quality, comprehensive, integrated programs are:

TKBGC programs are available to all young people, but also reach a diverse population of vulnerable children, youth and families -- including children and youth from low-income, immigrant/refugee, aboriginal, single parent and other families in the highest-needs neighbourhoods and communities in the downtown core

Club programs are offered in a variety of settings – including schools, social housing, recreation centres and our flag ship centre serving Regent Park – with a growing number of our programs offered directly in schools, the Club continues to work with school boards and other partners to ensure seamless transitions from schools to community settings.

TKBGC charges nominal fees for young people to participate, subsidize memberships by 25% to up to 100%, and ensure that no child is prevented from participating by financial barriers.

TKBGC programs are available year-round, when children, parents and families need them -- during the school year, over the summer, and during school break and holiday periods -- providing families with regularly available, structured and supervised services during these important periods.

High Quality
TKBGC programs adhere to the highest quality standards, including the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act, HIGH FIVE quality assurance & accreditation and Boys and Girls Clubs own Operating Standards for the national BGC Movement.

Learning and Skills-Focused
TKBGC programs reinforce the in-school curriculum and help to prepare children for life by helping them to discover and develop their talents and skills, build their competence and enhance their leadership and academic performance.

Strengths and Relationship-Based
Dedicated club staff and adult mentors model positive approaches and provide guidance that builds on each child’s individual strengths and abilities.

Clubs provide a comprehensive, integrated array of programs that meet the developmental needs of young people, from pre-school to young adulthood, in both school and community settings, and work with schools and school boards to provide seamless transitions to and from school through our safe walk and busing programs.

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Where your money goes

Our Clubs build character and develop lifelong skills. Your support creates opportunities for a better life for children and youth. You can help the Club meet its most urgent needs, support communities, and continue to adapt to the changing needs and issues impacting children and youth today by making a gift.

The main benefit to you is knowing you're helping kids and families who might not be in a position to find help anywhere else. In addition to your monetary or in-kind gift, we are very happy to issue you a charitable tax receipt for gifts valued over $20.


Monetary donations can help in many ways. For example:

  • $300 sends one kid to one full week of summer camp
  • $250 safely transports 50 kids home every night in the bus,  
                    who have moved because of revitalization
  • $150 feeds 150 kids a nutritious snack a week in the
                    snack program
  • $  50 provides 20 children with 3 hours of homework help, and
                    specialized support in math and numeracy and phonics

There are numerous ways to leave a gift to Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs (CRA#10757 3149 RR0001). Gifts can be given now or in the future and can provide you with the opportunity to establish a personal legacy.


With the recent changes to tax laws, it now is more attractive to donors to gift publicly traded securities. Under the 2006 federal budget, you can now give stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, as well as futures and options without paying the capital gains tax. To make a gift of securities to Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs, please download our Securities Transfer Form and discuss these personal options with your financial planner.

Gift of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance will enable you to make a major gift through a policy you already own, or through a series of affordable premium payments. There are a number of ways to donate and plan your gift using life insurance.


A bequest, the most common type of future gift, is a commitment made through your Will to be distributed by your estate upon your death. A bequest may be a specific piece of property, sum of money, or a portion of your estate. Most people make a bequest when their Wills are drawn.


It is now easier to donate the proceeds of your Registered Retirement Saving Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) to a designated charity like Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs. Simply change the beneficiary information on the plan document and advise the institution holding your retirement account of the change.

For more information on the various forms of giving, please speak with your accountant to discuss personal options that are best suited to your needs.

How You Can Donate

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 or Contact:

Kathy Maney
Director of Finance & Administration
416-925-2243 ext. 23

By Mail: 
101 Spruce Street
Toronto, ON
M5A 2J3

Download the Gift of Securities a fillable donation PDF to your device, fill out all of the mandatory fields and then submit it by email or print out a copy. An email will be sent confirming that your form was received.

In Kind:
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Take a copy of your Charitable Tax Receipt to your employer and see if your company will match your gift.

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