Programs & Services

A Message From the Programs & Services Team

Our programs do more than simply curb threats, we offer safe program sites that provide children and youth with an opportunity to access beneficial programs, scholarships, bursaries, leadership and employment opportunities. 

Our after-school programs follow the "Child and Youth Health and Wellness After-School Strategy" and guidelines set out by the Ontario Government's Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport that breaks down activities into:

􀂂 30% physical activity
􀂂 20% healthy eating and nutrition education
􀂂 20% wellness and personal health
􀂂 30% locally defined priorities, (literacy and access to technology)

Acting like a grassroots organization, we take direction from the bottom and allow the needs of the children, youth, families and communities we serve guide the programs and services offered at each program site.

Professional Staff
Our Club is managed by experienced professionals. Our staff receive High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development and First Aid & CPR certification.

We are the largest employer of youth in the downtown east and have a part-time staff count that consists of more than 50 young people annually. For many young people, we provide them their first real job experience, allowing them to leverage their soft skills to move on to other part-time jobs and later in life, and throughout their careers.  

We invite you to meet the rest of our colleagues or learn about how you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth.

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