George Rigg Scholarship

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What is the George Rigg Scholarship? 

In 1984, the George Rigg Scholarship was established with the purpose of furthering the education of Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs members at the primary, elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school levels.

Scholarships are available to members in good standing of any unit of the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs and can be put towards any continuing education expenses. This can include:

• Tuition and/or cost of lessons or classes
• Books, Supplies, Equipment & Materials
• Clothing or uniforms
• Transportation

To apply for the 2020 George Rigg Scholarship, click here! Deadline to apply is Tuesday, December 8th

Congratulations to our 2019 George Rigg Scholarship Recipients!

See the full list of winners below:

Anthony T.

Claude E.

Claude G.

Dennis K.

Genesis B.

Jaiden F.

Kyle L.

Michael B.

Nava M.

Quinton L.

Sydney J.

WeiXuan H.

Yahzara W.

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Who was George Rigg? 

In 1918, George Rigg was born in England to a large family under very poor circumstances. Opportunities were few and the hardships were many. At the beginning of World War II, George joined the British Army ad advanced through the ranks to the position of Sergeant Major in the Army School of Physical Training. During the war, George married and had one son. After the war, George and his family immigrated to Canada. Proud to be a Canadian, George spoke endlessly about the abundant opportunities to succeed in Canada where were not available in his native country. George became associated with the Kiwanis Club of Toronto Boys and Girls Clubs in 1959 (Presently, the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs). He was appointed the Director of the Gerrard K Club, then Executive Director of all Boys and Girls Clubs operated by the Kiwanis Club of Toronto. George Rigg passed away in 1982.

George was a pleasant and friendly human being who believed that every child has a great opportunity to get ahead. He felt some needed a helping hand in order to gain self-confidence and a good attitude. George devoted his years with the Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs to offering a helping hand. Many members and staff of the club were touched by George's enthusiasm and friendly attitude. In memory of this fine gentleman, the George Rigg Kiwanis Scholarship was founded.

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